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About Us

priMedia PriMedia is a talented team of marketing enthusiasts that serves Oilheat, propane, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, security companies, associations and manufacturers throughout the United States. We help clients achieve their goals by improving all aspects of their communications, including Web sites, newsletters, advertising, public relations and more.

Rooted in Oilheat

Richard Rutigliano founded PriMedia in 1993 to bring high-quality marketing services to the Oilheat industry. Since then, PriMedia has helped hundreds of clients stake out leadership positions and grow by taking advantage of important opportunities. As the Internet develops, PriMedia keeps clients ahead of the curve by building advanced Web sites that incorporate the latest online services and applications. We embrace new technologies and help our clients bring advanced capabilities to their Web sites ahead of the competition.

Exceeding Expectations

At PriMedia, our mission is simple: to help our clients flourish. Every company or association faces its own unique set of challenges, and we take the time to understand each circumstance and propose the most suitable solutions. We also look beyond the immediate needs to identify important opportunities that the client can grasp. Our products and services are customized, and we take pride in delivering more than is expected. Our work has been recognized in recent years with 21 "Best on Long Island" awards.

The Passion, The People

The key to PriMedia's success is our people. The PriMedia team combines a deep understanding of Oilheat with an abundance of creative talent and technological know-how. We hire go-getters who enjoy success and work tirelessly to make every project a winner. Whether we're writing a simple one-page letter or building a large, technologically advanced Web site, we give it our all. Our can-do attitude has paid off: Since launching as a one-man shop in 1993, PriMedia has expanded with offices in Garden City, NY, Manhattan and Boston.