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Corporate Branding

Branding represents your company's personality and services - creates an image and a concept that identifies you in the consumers' minds, even without any other text.

Corporate BrandingThis is one company's story:

Oil Services Inc, known as O.S.I, was a multi-generational company. They had strong brand recognition, with a green triangle logo and green trucks. As it grew, Oil Services, Inc. expanded into plumbing, solar energy, air conditioning, indoor air quality and energy auditing and purchased Comfort Specialists, which provided natural gas equipment and services. The company was now much more than "Oil Services, Inc.," and needed to revamp its identity.

PriMedia was brought in. We met with two generations of owners, looked at the combination logo they had been using, and discussed what they wanted to accomplish. The owners wanted to keep "their" green, the triangle, and some variation of the name "O.S.I.," since that was how most of their customers and employees referred to the company. First, the company names - "Oil Services, Inc." and "Comfort Specialists" - became "OSI Comfort Specialists." The word "oil" was removed, as they offered so much more. The recognizable and unique green triangle was maintained, as was the technician from the Comfort Specialists logo. A tag line was added into the mix: "Comfort you can count on." This tag line reflects both the range of products and service, and their commitment to reliability- the differences that had set them apart for 75 years.

PriMedia then worked with OSI Comfort Specialists to incorporate the new branding into their truck designs, advertising campaigns and marketing materials.

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