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Case Studies »

Case Study: Direct Mail - Postcards

tropical postcard
The Issue: Our client wanted to increase customer participation in its bundled loyalty program while expanding its propane services accounts. The bundled program was successful with Oilheat customers, and the value proposition of the program was seen as a way to secure the business of the typically transient propane customers.

The Solution: A series of postcards directed to Oilheat and propane customers, enticing them to enroll in the bundled program by offering a free propane-fueled product (pool heater, gas stove or fireplace insert) and 200 gallons of free propane.

comfty hot postcard The return on the client's investment was the "locking in" of the customer's Oilheat account. In order to earn the free products, the customer was required to enroll in the bundled program. The bundled program offers the customer many benefits: service and budget plans, referral and loyalty rebates, guaranteed service response times, interest rebates on credit balances, personal account managers and a special newsletter. In addition, customers enrolling through the promotion would be eligible for multi-fuel price discounts.

The Result: These bright, engaging and informative postcards increased the client's Oilheat bundled services customers and its propane delivery accounts, by combining the two in a valuable customer offer. In addition to the success of the program for the client, the campaign earned PriMedia a BOLI (Best on Long Island) advertising award for a Sales Promotion Campaign.