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Simplified Billing. Infinite Possibilities.

PossiBill accelerates cash flow, cuts costs and modernizes your image

Imagine if you could receive payments faster, spend less on billing, and improve customer service all at once. That's what you get with PossiBill, PriMedia's powerful solution for Bill Presentment and Payment.

PossiBill FAQs

A Versatile Performer

PossiBill enhances bill presentment with powerful tools that enable paperless billing and create new marketing opportunities. Your bills will be processed for distribution within 24 hours, and customers will have multiple options for paying you immediately. PossiBill offers mailed or electronic bill presentment, and transitions your firm and your customers to paperless billing.

With PossiBill, you can ...

PossiBill - Cash Flow, Accelerated
  • Reduce postage costs
  • Reduce printing costs
  • Reduce staff time spent on billing
  • Issue bills within 24 hours
  • Offer printed and electronic bills
  • Include coupons or promotions directly on your invoices
  • Finally get your customers' email addresses!

Capable and Secure

PossiBill will design your invoices to your specifications, and can include coupons or promotions for each billing cycle. You can review and approve bills through a secure web portal and track all invoices and payments. Your data is safe, because we use multiple layers of security. PossiBill's features include:
  • Budget program billing and per-delivery billing
  • Online portal for viewing documents
  • Back-end tracking of invoices and payments
  • Data encryption that protects all communications between your computers, our web servers, and your customers' computers
  • PCI compliance
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Database security, including input filtering and active scanning
  • Complete system redundancy to ensure fast, continuous service

Set Yourself Apart from the Competition

Many of today's customers enjoy the convenience of handling their business outside of standard work hours, and choose retailers that offer online ordering, paperless invoices and 24-hour payment by phone. With PossiBill, you can accept payment ...
  • By mail to your office or our secure lockbox
  • Online at your website's PossiBill Payment Portal
  • By phone 24/7 with our Interactive Voice Response system
  • Automatically for recurring monthly payments
  • Automatically per invoice

Enhance Your Marketing

PossiBill strengthens your company's marketing. You can improve customer communications by adding custom messages, coupons, digital newsletters and other cross marketing promotions. You'll be greener, and your services will be in sync with customers who prefer doing business online. Imagine the possibilities: Request A Free PossiBill Demonstratio
  • Consistent customer communications
  • Cross market other products and services
  • Improved customer convenience
  • Improved "green" appeal

Explore the Possibilities Today

Don't wait to accelerate your cash flow ... or stand by and watch your competitors get a head start! Call PriMedia today at 800-796-3342 or click here to request a free PossiBill demonstration.

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