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press releases

Press Releases

There is no substitute for name recognition. When customers in your market are looking for an Oilheat provider, they call the name they know. If you are concerned that your company profile is too low, consider using press releases for building recognition. When you notify the press of your company news, you usually get published and your market gets to know your name.

PriMedia issues press releases that get attention. Our media experts know what to write and whom to call to increase your chances for good coverage. You'll be surprised by how effective this relatively low-cost strategy can be.

Public Relations

public relations - oilheating When you take public relations seriously and make an investment to cultivate good media relationships and influence coverage, you generally get favorable results.

PriMedia can help generate the kind of positive publicity that your business deserves. Our public relations experts understand how the press works. We can generate publicity around events, new products and services, mergers and hires. We can also step in during a crisis and get your point of view heard.

Public relations can also take the form of ghostwriting: We can arrange a regular or guest column in a local publication and do the writing for you. When you step up and take the lead in communications, you win respect, influence your market and take your company's visibility to a new level.

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